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Retiring Soon? Learn How a Reverse Mortgage Can Add to Your Retirement Security

Retiring Soon? Learn How a Reverse Mortgage Can Add to Your Retirement SecurityIf you’re nearing retirement, you’re likely starting to think about your savings and retirement plan and how you can ensure a financially secure retirement. With your peak income-earning years largely behind you, you’ll need to work with what you have in order to ensure a livable retirement income. That’s where a reverse mortgage may be a sensible option.

How does a reverse mortgage work, and how can it help you to have a more financially secure retirement? Here’s what you need to know.

A Reverse Mortgage Is Tax-Free And Saves Your Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits offer a basic form of income for senior citizens, but if you tap into your Social Security too early in your retirement, you could use up your available benefits in a short span of time. Deferring Social Security until later on in your retirement means that you’ll get an extra 7 to 8 percent per year you defer, which is why you’ll want to save your Social Security for as long as possible. But in order to do that, you need another income source to live on.

A reverse mortgage is a tax-free income source that you can use to fund the early part of your retirement, allowing your Social Security benefits to mature. Best of all, a reverse mortgage frees up your budget so you can invest more of your funds and collect returns later.

You’ll Never Owe More Than Your Home’s Value – And There’s No Set Repayment Date

A lot of loans have high interest rates and fixed repayment periods. This means that if you use credit cards or take out a personal loan, for instance, you’ll be locked into a set repayment date or won’t have a high enough borrowing limit – or if you do have a high borrowing limit, you’ll find that interest charges quickly add up.

Reverse mortgages have no set repayment date, which means that you can use the money from a reverse mortgage as needed without having to worry about repayment. You’ll also never owe more on your reverse mortgage than what your home is worth, so you’ll never find yourself underwater.

A reverse mortgage is a great way to ensure that you have a safe, stable retirement – and it can add an extra layer of security on top of your social security benefits. Are you considering taking out a reverse mortgage on your home? A qualified mortgage advisor can help – contact a mortgage professional near you to learn more.

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